The fashion agency is the core part of our business.

Every season our showroom gets visited by all the key players in the Norwegian fashion industry.


Strategy and honesty are the two core values of our Agency” – Espen


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GABBA is a family-owned denim brand with more than 30 years of experience in making jeans. The brand was founded by Ole and Karen Madsen with a vision of creating a modern denim brand, focusing on quality fabrics and attention to detail. With a global mindset, we gather inspiration from around the world – we find originality in our in-house denim archive to create four annual collections, each of them well-balanced, unique and with a true denim identity.


Founded on the values of craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to details, we go to work every day with a vision to create products that never go out of style, can be used for a long time and will age beautifully upon wear. To do our designs justice, we source quality materials from around the world, add a sense of craftsmanship and use traditional techniques of making clothes. We do so to honor the story behind blue jeans.

”Garments with an authentic look, a strong identity and a design that will last for several years.”